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I’m off to Brittany for the weekend soon. Looking forward to a luxurious weekend of pampering as we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. The likelihood of ever being pampered is highly unlikely, but I can always hope! I imagine the weekend will actually pan out as follows:

  1. Cut the grass (which will probably already be at triffid proportions).
  2. Put some seeds in (hopefully for some summer time veg).
  3. Plan a menu (that will probably involve Veal / Duck or something once fluffy and cute).
Mutant Breton Grass!

The mutan breton grass will probably be as tall as this!

Hopefully we will (if Chris books it) have an evening in: L’Eventail des Saveurs Découverte
I’m hoping that we are going to also get some serious walking in, but you can never quite tell what Breton weather is going to be like in February… well every really. You can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to rain at some stage in the day.

Anyway… flying over is going to make a massive difference, while Chris picks me up from the airport. Another ‘hint’ could be that we eat in St Malo or Dinard close to the airport, then bomb it back to the Cottage after that. Either way, hopefully we will make the most of it as I won’t be back in Brittany until the Summer.


  1. Posted 13 Feb ’11 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

    How many hints; how many times! x 20 ?

    • Posted 13 Feb ’11 at 1:35 pm | Permalink

      Should I have to hint?

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